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Not only was it fun, but there is an indescribable magic that I found very inspiring; I thought it would be fun to see that translate in the creative process. I felt very empowered by the shift in energy on set just by those two positions being held by women. Still, at neither of those points did I know I was going to direct a film. But all those experiences brought me to the decision of saying, "If I’m in the position of making these decisions, let’s just go for something that hasn’t been done before and that might actually affect and inspire change on a broader scale."So how did I go about finding an all-female crew?

I think there are a lot of women who do these jobs, but the problem is their résumés aren’t full enough for productions of a certain scope or scale to feel comfortable hiring them.

I think in any woman’s rise to the top, the questions asked are very different than those that would be asked of her male counterparts.

Part of what I wanted to experiment with on was seeing what it would feel like if none of those questions were part of the equation.

Having everyone all together in that house was such a special experience for me that something clicked.

Something happens when women are together and are allowed to be in community without interruption!

I attribute that to the catch-22 of the women not being given the experience or opportunities to begin with to gain the experience.

For me, it was about creating those opportunities even if it meant hiring a woman who had a little less experience than her male counterpart.Usually the women that she can see on set work in hair, makeup, wardrobe, or are script supervisors or actresses.Female roles are usually really limited on the crew in most productions.But we're equally as impressed with the lengths Lister-Jones went to in order to ensure that this film would truly change the conversation off camera.So what inspired the filmmaker to make a movie where the entire crew (aside from the three male actors) was female? I’ve had many amazing relationships with men I’ve worked with and continue to have them, one of whom is my husband.

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