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People are reactive to prostitues but they do this job without money - I know everybody will get mad at me because of my thoughts but i'm not afraid - Of course this is a preference and i can't step in that. Media is trying to make us think only about sex or famous people's life. i dont know how to say it, maybe backwards is the right term, or maybe conundrum, either way the other day i was watching a cops show and two uncover cops posed as prostitutes to catch disgusting men who are sometimes, well most of the time, married or have a spouse, trying to pick them up to pay for sex. its illegal for a woman/male to sell his/her body for money in exchange for sexual activities.

then later on that woman invites him to her apartment and he can do whatever he wants, in the sense of being sexual, and then its 12 o'clock or 1 o'clock at night and he leaves. it may just be me but i wondered if anyone else felt the same wayits not a desire to return to "victorian" times, its just, in my opinion, how bad society has gotten that in some parts of the world prostitution is allowed.i then feared that one day that same concept will be accepted around the world.it will no longer be looked down on but rather b seen as a profession.you cant turn on the tv without seeing a naked woman selling dove soap for a commercial, or some young woman with a tight, revealing shirt on trying to promote a "late nite chat hotline" please, no one is calling that number to chat or find someone to spend the rest of their life with, theyre calling for a one nite stand.and even going out to the store, mothers and young women are revealing their breast and legs, etc.

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