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You: *Moans* Y-Yes He Goes Faster and Faster and you screaming in pleasure Your Legs Start To Shake And With No Warning You Both Cum .BTW He Had A Condom On Aso No Worries You: *out of breath* Oh God That Was Amazing Prod: Yess It Was You: Ready For Round 2 ?YOU ARE READING Fanfiction A Parody MB Story with other characters associated with MB. Basically this was inspired by #MBFanfics Be Like where TM talk about how most MB fanfics are the same and basic. Everytime we go out he scans the menu to see if there is anything "chicken-related" on the menu. I mean i love him and all but all this nigga does is eat chicken, chicken, chicken.When we choose to stay in indoors for a dinner date he requests me to make chicken for him. He yells NOOOOOOOOOOOOO and starts throwing things around and messing up my kitchen.Sometimes on sundays we like to go out to the park and eat lunch there. He expects me to pick up some KFC, Church's Chicken, Bojangles, and other local chicken places but it's usually something different like beef, lamb or pork. I think he is not single because when he was interviewed ,prodigy said he had a girl called braunna , but left her when joining MB.prodigy said "sorry" braunna at the end of their missing you.prodigy from mindless behavior WILL go out with you all you have to do is be mindless not bad mindless well let me just explain it to you mindless behaviors mindless means a movement if you have swag your mindless if you get good grades in school your mindless and if you your self your mindless all prodigy looks for in a girl is her being pretty and mindless so if your pretty and mindless…

Albert Johnson (November 2, 1974 – June 20, 2017), better known by his stage name Prodigy, was an American rapper, author, and entrepreneur who, with Havoc, was one half of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep.

You: I Want To Do Some Stuff With You Prod: Be More Specific You: You Know Prod: I Really Don't Know What Your Talking About You: I Want To Have Sex With You Prod: Oh I Don't Think You Can Handle It You Probably Are Just Horny You: *begging* I Want You Now Prod: OK But You Asked You: Hey You Still gotta take it easy I'm still a virgin Prod: OK I'll Try ;) You Lean In A Start To kiss Him.

He Slowly Breaks The Kiss And kisses down your and takes your blouse off and see that you have on his favorite Bra On The Red And Black Laced One With matching Panties He Slowly Starts To Unbotton Your Shorts He pulls Them Down And She That Your Soaking Wet You Flip Him Over Now Your On Top You Remove Everything You Were Just About To Suck His Little Friend When He Manly Flips Over And He is On Top He Pulls your panties down with his teeth and the dives in he stuck in and licking all over your Clit You: Oh ....

YES PROD RIGHT THERE DADDY OH YES Prod smiles and keeps eating You Out Then You Get On Your Knees Deep Throating His Large Friend Prod: *Grunting* Oh Prod Picks You Up Puts You On The Couch And He Put The Tip In You Thought It Wasn't So Bad Then He Puts More In The Pain Starts To Come You Start To Tense Up.

Prod: Breath Through The Pain I Know It Hurts Hold On To Me If you Need You: *Breaths* OK Prod Kept Going Until It Stop Being Pain And Turned Into Pleasure You: *moans* Faster Prod: Sure?

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Under the alias Lord-T (The Golden Child), the then 16-year-old Johnson joined Jive Records and landed an uncredited guest appearance on the Boyz n the Hood soundtrack, for his collaborative efforts on the song "Too Young" by Hi-Five in 1991.

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