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Derrick "D-Nice" Jones, who divorced actress Malinda Williams in February of 2010, already has a new chick. It doesn't hurt that his new chick is young and loaded.She's 26-year-old Kelli Coleman, the heir to the multi-million dollar marketing company, Global Hue. D-Nice has been landing big DJ deals left and right lately, traveling the world with every major act and celeb in the biz.I knew that shit wasn't going to last when I first heard they got married. one who is successful and stays out of the public eye for the most part? How dare you fixate your mouth, fingers, and words to say something ill found against the most prestigious college for women. Coleman, and choices she has made as an adult woman.embodies what it is to be a Spelman woman.How u gonna take a niiga from the Bronx and mix him with that Hollywood BS.... I've been hearing about this "situation" for quite some time. I believe 60% of second marriages fail and I know 70% of third marriages fail. She got pregnant, would you think it would be a better idea for her to have an abortion? She is kind, selfless, intelligent, and a renaissance woman.You are a baby's mama if you didn't marry your baby's father.Regardless of who want to get married or not your child will be a bastard if you don't decide to marry.

As for Ms Melinda she is no couch slouch herself SHE WILL find her way soon enough she has bigger things to worry about like raising her son and keeping him from all the traps her lifestyle affords him and just being a all around good person. EVERBODY wanna sit in the judgement seat about things that don't concern them yet forgeting all the mess they have done in the past or hell even the mess they are creating right now in there own lives. 5 days arrive your home or you ( ur friends’ adress by EMS, DHL, UPs click my link under here! Anyone that knows either one of them will probably tell you they are a very happy couple.... well that used to be the case because we're seeing that in the future most black men will have come from white women.Thats a low estimate cuz I know for a fact that Sports Illustrated breaks him off with 10k every year at the Super Bowl. you aint planting a bug in no ones ear....anyone that knows D also knows he's a stand up dude.... Cuz, at the end of the day, we know he gets LOTS OF LUV IN THE CLUB!!!!!!! He is a legend in the game and very successful on his own. A man like him doesn't want a woman who has nothing!so stick to hating from the sidelines and play your position... he's paid...she's paid...you go an focus on getting paid urself... White men don't marry or date women beneath them, so why should a Black man, esp. First, please eliminate any negativity regarding Spelman College from your thoughts and words.While he been in the industry for years, it looks like he can also thank his new girlfriend, Kelli Coleman.Kelli's father, Don Coleman, is the owner, founder, and CEO of one of the largest advertising and marketing firms in the country-- Global Hue. And Kelli's been groomed to take over the family business ever since she graduated from Spelman recently. Coleman leads the new business team and serves as president of Cutting Edge Productions, a broadcast production house under the corporate umbrella.

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Anyone in the biz knows he's one of the most respectful and genuine dudes in the biz. I was rooting for them, but sometimes that just the way it goes. Im happy to see the success of a Hip Hop legend that has remained relevant after he put the mic down. If that is the case, then most black men are gold diggers because usually Black women earn more money then their men.

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  1. Lil Pump’s net worth is estimated at .0 million, which came pretty easy to the rapper. If we know anything about rappers, it’s all the cash they tend to show off time and again! He earns a lot of money sure, but he spends it all very lavishly.