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I met these kids when I was in East Hampton for the summer, these local kids that were really punk and had mohawks and I was like, I became really close with them and I just got really into the whole… Through that I became obsessed with fashion and the history of the fashion, and that’s where my love for Vivienne Westwood was born. What you see on the blog, is that what you’ll read in the book or is it all new content? 'Oh, this is how her life is so this must be her.' But for every person there’s a whole other side to them.I just remember that my love for that made me feel like I had something, like I was accepted and I could relate to these people. People just put what they want people to see on their Instagrams, but to really get to know about them you have to sit down with them and actually have a conversation... I think it’s important for young girls, my younger followers, in particular, to be like, I guess in a way it's like a giant blog about my life, but people don't always want to read long personal blog posts online anymore, so it's all here in the book." "Yeah, since the Livejournal era is over." "Exactly! So I give them what they want, videos and photos and shorter content.Hanna Beth tells me about her New York roots, but having moved to Los Angeles on her fifth birthday, she's always felt like a California native at heart. "A lot of people think it’s my brand, but my mom started it. It shows you can have fun without drugs and alcohol and I think that’s important because I know when you’re young it’s so easy to get caught up in that whole world of substances and partying. A.," Hanna says, and then references her young fan base, the first of several instances in our conversation. ' I got tormented and this was two months into 10 grade, when I had a bad self-harm addiction, I guess. So my parents pulled my out of that school and I was put into a more hippie and diverse school in Santa Monica. I suggest maybe she's blocked her earlier years out due to so much trauma, and she laughs again adding that it's very possible.

A nymph-like young woman greets me and points the way to where my subject for the day is waiting.That’s the coolest thing about fashion is that there are no rules and you can be so expressive with it." Hanna Beth tells me about how a major theme in her life right now is simplification. Oh, you’re so gothic.' Why does everyone think I’m gothic?I hate being told that, just because I like to wear black.I remember I had these platform Sketchers, too, and really loving ―" "I remember those! "And then I kind of took a turn with my fashion and got really into FUBU…" I'm laughing to myself, picturing this no-more-than-90-pound girl in front of me drenched in FUBU. "I saw all these FUBU kids, and I was like, I want everything FUBU," Hanna Beth says. I really wanted my pants super tight so I’d sew them all, because skinny jeans weren’t a thing yet. Obviously I know who I am now more, compared to when I was young and 'so confused,' but I love experimenting with different looks still, because I never know how I’m going to wake up and feel. The label "gothic" has been thrown around a lot in describing her, something Hanna herself now rejects.One day I might want to dress rock ‘n’ roll, another day I might want to dress more vintage-hippie-bohemian ― I love switching it up. "Like my whole persona, people are always saying, 'You’re so dark.

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As soon as the photographer starts shooting, Hanna Beth turns on.

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