Validating feelings counseling

The client had previously tried treatment programs that followed the AA model, Guterman says, but he always ended up drinking again.

“When he was referred to me, I assessed that he was an atheist and that this was the defining worldview in his life,” Guterman notes.

Long-term reactions to trauma are unique, personal, and often painful. A step in many trauma interventions involves normalizing these reactions, and showing that a person is not broken, wrong, or alone...

Sometimes the reactions seem random, as if they have little to do with the trauma.

“Yet without the foundation of a constructive relationship, anything else that we do isn’t going to work very well or last very long.” After all, one key to effectively addressing a client’s issues is to first understand those issues within the context of the client.

“It’s critical for the counselor to learn the client’s worldview in order to enhance cooperation in the counseling process,” says ACA member Jeffrey Guterman.

Rogers asserted that the therapist must: In the decades since Rogers’ article was published, many other studies have explored the therapeutic alliance.

’ and then gently exploring the many nuanced dimensions of how your client answers that question.” “Collaboration on counseling-related tasks can involve nearly any task that is clearly described and that clients understand as related to their problems or goals,” he continues.Although it might be best for people who struggle with alcohol abuse not to drink at all, Guterman says, if a client isn’t ready to consider that option, he believes it is better for a counselor to address what goal the client is ready to work on, such as controlling alcohol intake.Otherwise, the client may drop out of treatment altogether, which means he or she isn’t getting any help at all.“Instead, they so often say that they felt heard and understood and valued by their counselor.They talk a lot about the power of the relationship.” “[Obviously] in many cases, clients need a lot more than feeling understood or enjoying the benefits of being in a respectful, facilitative alliance,” he adds.

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For example, thoughts of a disaster occuring can create feelings of anxiety, even if that disaster is extremely unlikely.

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