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However someone has just posted a link to a site offering generic USB mass storage drivers. site offers free generic USB mass storage drivers for both Win98 and Win98SE.

A Solution tested successfull with Linux Host is Share Clip: Written on 2.9.2008, updated on .Optimal Driver for Enterprise (ODE) Most users select this choice for optimal stability and performance.It also offers ISV certification and long lifecycle support Quadro New Feature Driver (QNF) Users occasionally select this choice for bug fixes, new features, new VR headset support or new Game Engine support.Recommended for Windows hosts.(Tested with VBox 2.1.2.-- and was successful with "bridged" network.I had no success with NAT.)WARNING: I admit that with Virtual Box the network is very unstable, presumably due to very slow performance of Win 9x guests under VBox. Another way of read-only file sharing is to create a virtual CD-ROM *file on the host and insert it into the guest VM.(contributed by stefan.becker)Clipboard integrated in Virtual Box only works with the Guest Additions, so not for Windows9x.

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Some users on the internet have developed a patch to fix the problem, and their fix is discussed in several places on the Internet (search for "Win95 fast cpu fix"), for example here:https://msfn.org/board/topic/141402-win ... The patch itself is too big to attach directly here, but here is a direct download link for it: ... ZIPThe download includes a readme with instructions on a couple of ways to apply the patch.

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