Updating quantum cryptography and communications

This is where quantum communication comes into play.Quantum communication is the art of transferring information encoded into a quantum state.She then transmits the encrypted message to the receiver, who decrypts it using the same key.The great challenge is — of course — to share the key.This establishes a secure one-way channel between them.Alice uses the public key to encode her message, sends this to Bob, who then decodes it with his private key.We’ll cover the subtler aspects of entanglement in a future article, so do make sure to follow us!

You might be wondering what is so special about what the Mum did.For millennia, humans have sought novel ways to protect their secret messages.During the same millennia, other humans have made great efforts to decode and read others’ secret messages. It is believed that the Roman emperor Julius Caesar employed a simple — by today’s standards — cryptographic technique to protect messages of military value.by Tommaso Demarie & Ewan Munro, co-founders of Entropica Labs and QWA team members.Welcome to the first entry of QWA’s focus series on Quantum 2.0.

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After all, suppose she knows the boxes each contain a toy car, but all the children know is that the boxes contain the same gift.

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