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First I backed up the currently directory and permissions using the first command and the second command was to allow Read/Write/Execute to all directories.Backup ISPConfig “web” Directory and Then Open Up Permissions: When I refreshed the admin page it came up immediately." if [ $retval -eq 0 ]; then compile=1; fi sa-update --nogpg --channel sa.retval="$?

Therefore, it is necessary to point out that no system upgrade is bulletproof and you should discuss, prepare and possibly test any proper failover or recovery process prior the proposed system upgrade to Debian Stretch.Later I logged on again but this time I was adding a new site and I got a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error when attempting to open which should have be redirecting me right to the admin section.To be more specific I was getting a 403 Forbidden error meaning I did not have access to this page and/or directory. /bin/sh # schaal @it # # Simple script to update Spam Assassin SYSLOG_TAG=sa-update compile=0 logger -d -t $SYSLOG_TAG "Start SA-Update" sa-update --nogpg retval="$?" if [ $retval -eq 0 ]; then compile=1; fi sa-update --nogpg --channel updates.retval="$?

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