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She and Eric Johnson have been engaged to fiance Eric Johnson for three years, but two things got in the way.

Those would be the couple's children, daughter Maxwell Drew, 19 months, and son Ace Knute, 6 months.

Tara Reid – widely known for films such as – was certainly an upgrade for the New England quarterback and received more exposure in the non-sporting world that ever before.

However, the couple only lasted for about a month in 2002.

Something tells us that didn't have anything to do with her athletic abilities, though..." title="image" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src="

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have made it official. At least, to those of us who don't play professional sports, making million a year to play football seems like a pretty okay gig. The athletes would probably say it's the hot wives and girlfriends.

The couple, who has been dating since 2010 and who have two kids together (Maxell, 2; and Ace, 13 months) exchanged vows Saturday at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California. When Jessica Simpson's tongue pops out like this, all we can think about is whether she's trying to be Miley Cyrus and whether Eric Johnson inhaled it.

Or whether the concept of the selfie has jumped the shark. Jessica Simpson is finally getting married in 2014.

Life is good when you’re a Super Bowl winning quarterback. Along with the fame and wealth that superstar athletes receive for their innate talent, they also get the first and best dibs on the hottest women in the world.No Super Bowl victory can top Brady’s personal accomplishment of dating and eventually marrying Gisele Bundchen.Gisele is one of if not the most famous Victoria’s Secret model of all time. They were wed on February of 2009 and are still standing strong to this day.Before finding his life of extreme comfort with the world-renowned Victoria’s Secret model, Brady also had his fair share of other beauties from the past.Join us as we list down Brady’s former and current flames that fire up his passion on the field and in the bedroom.

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Well at least she’s not dead yet in spite of her lanky and fragile frame.

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