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Over 50 people register for Meet NLunch every day, yet the matchmakers only accept about 10% of those new registrations as full-fledged clients.

As Christina Thung, the Group Head of PR and Partnerships at Lunch Actually Group, said, “We are different than other dating services because we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach in dating.” Meet NLunch has many helpful services to suit the needs of individual clients.

A team of certified matchmakers and dating coaches pair compatible singles and give advice on how to dress, text, and act to make the match a success.

By streamlining the dating experience, Meet NLunch caters to busy men and women who don’t have the time or inclination to hunt down a date on their own.

“Our consultants work closely with each client to profile them and get to know their preferences.” The Meet NLunch matchmakers invest a lot of time in each client and use a proprietary matching system to help them narrow a vast dating field down to a few viable date prospects.

The matchmakers vet all potential dates on behalf of their clients, and they arrange the details of the date.

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Christina said the team’s collective wisdom can often get a client on the path to love more quickly than he or she had thought possible.

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