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Otwarta komunikacja jest najlepszym spoiwem udanego związku.

Daj znam znać, a postaramy się na nie odpowiedzieć w jak najkrótszym czasie.

When they reached the door to the complex, they stood there for a second, saying their good-byes.

It was hard to get their schedules to work, but since they always had Sundays off, they decided to reserve those days for the two of them.

But even though Ryoma would never admit it out loud, he enjoyed the time they had together.

Landing his hand down on the green-haired head, Momo ruffled Ryoma's hair, much to dissatisfaction, and laughed slightly.

"That hurt, but since you're the one who as more problems than me right now I'll let it slide.""Che." It was the only good comeback Ryoma could come up with at the moment as they exited the restaurant.

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" Looking over the edge of his burger, the man named Echizen only glared at his best friend before going back to concentrating on his eating. He didn't really remember why he was best friends with this stubborn and egotistical kid. Loves his wife and two kids, eating hamburgers, playing tennis and hanging with his best friend. Finishing his third hamburger, Momo crumbled up the wrap and threw it on his tray while he picked up his cup filled with pop in the other.

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