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Tell everyone you know that you are looking and ask them to introduce you to someone. Parties- NYC (as well as other places) have singles parties where you can meet other singles in a casual, fun environment. Here were two that seemed geared towards this middle aged crowd. Fundraisers- Hospital fundraisers and the like often attract an established, older crowd because the tickets and topic are an investment of time and money. Here are a few sites of single’s volunteering (most do not specify an age group so call them): singlesforcharities.com/ & 6.

Meetup Groups- Today there are groups devised around every topic and age group.

Having just described my job description, over the years I have learned more about the realistic action part: where do I go? Frankly, anyone with a computer can google a ton of singles events and venues in the city and I also have a large appendix of dating sites and ideas in the back of my book, ‘Dating from the Inside Out.’ But rather than saying this, I considered the question further.

The answer to this question can be answered generally for all age groups but women over 40 have expressed specific frustration because often understandably they want to be part of a singles crowd of their peers and are looking for a different type of environment.

It's not about what you share it's about who you're sharing it with, so it makes sense to check out the people first.

By coming to a Speed Roommating event you get the chance to meet loads of potential new roommates in the time it would take you to travel to and look round a single apartment.

My piece of this puzzle is to help them raise their self esteem, look at destructive patterns in the people that they choose, help them to date more consciously and to get clear about the mate that they do want now and to help them realize where they may sabotage themselves while they are dating someone.) This situation could prove very uncomfortable and sometimes interests and preferences are different as well.I suggest that singles venues , dances etc begin to list nights for these mid age ranges to address this concern.Past students and clients over 40 (men and women) have asked me to start a dating support group for that age range (which I still intend to do at some point but have not yet had the time).So far now, I thought I could be most helpful by trying to research the question a bit.

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