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It's rare to run into something that ticks so many wrong boxes as this anime did with me.I'll give you a breakdown of the scores and the reasons behind why it earned those.

But opt for this only if you cannot think of any cool names for yourself.Story: 1 At first glance the story seems quite interesting, however when I watched it, it quickly reminded me of several other anime and all originality of the story went completely down the drain.It's basically an almost direct combination between Tekkaman Blade, The Guyver and the Devilman AVO.The best way to pick a username is to use your own creativity to come up with one as it will be unique and individualistic.Chanyeol woke up one day and realized his body is missing. Sometimes Baekhyun is being reminded by his workmates that he has to take Chanyeol. You have to get all the wandering lost souls everywhere you go." the highest ranking soul-taker told him. "I saw him being so friendly with a lost soul." Baekhyun's rival when it comes to taking souls said.

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  1. I belong to a bunch of Deaf and Hard of Hearing groups on Facebook, and dating with hearing loss is easily one of the most common topics that people bring up. I hope that by sharing a couple of stories from my own life, and a couple of tips I’ve picked up along the way, I’ll help others find relationships that are steady, enduring, and rewarding in all the ways that matter.