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He came out without his wallet, he explained as he settled into his chair, in mock tones of lament. He told me he was an inventor, but when I inquired of his creations he grumbled that other people had gotten to all his best ideas first. He told me how much he’d paid for his home, citing a vast number that made my eyes go big. And so went my first foray into the universe of dating as a single parent. For all of the halting, inelegant dating when I was young and single, I could never have predicted how romance-seeking at this stage in life would play out.But when I dropped him off later (he had no car), he admitted he was a renter, and that he’d paid that much toward his apartment over the years. The rules defining the game were essentially the same, but the players might as well have been parachuted in from a different sport.The online profile had been intriguing enough: Dark-eyed stranger, at least as tall as me, a smattering of common musical tastes (I would forgive him Metallica), some hint of wit, a suggestion of creative energy, a fondness for the canine set, his own hair.My requirements were few and he seemed to fulfill them, so we met at a bar.I don’t want to have a split life; I want someone who is comfortable with me when I am with my children.I am not looking for just a lover.” Through expanding circles of friends, Frank met several women, and found a connection with Andrea at a bonfire party hosted by a mutual pal.I took everyone’s keys away.” The greatest challenge of dating as a single parent is keeping all the balls in the air, says Fiona. You have to keep all things separate but still meet everybody’s needs.I always tell my kids that they come first, but that doesn’t mean that their demands will trump my personal life. When you’re dating without kids, you only have to worry about liking each other.

The question of when to introduce a new love to the kids is one of the bugbears of parental dating.The happier and more balanced we are, the better we’re going to be for our child,” she says.Which brings us to single dad Frank*, and his current status along the dating-parent trajectory.For as long as there have been relationships there have been bustups.“Human beings are sexual, emotional and relational,” says Stephen Giles, a couples counselor and social worker in Toronto. I have a lot of friends, which is wonderful, but to be with a man at that level is something else altogether.

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Part of that change was being plunged into the dating world, a world he’d long since forgotten how to navigate. “I know I’m not looking for a new mother for my children,” says the Toronto teacher.

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