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Also, Liz is able to feel whether Max is in danger or hurt (season three) and they save each other's lives more than once.

Max intensely loves Liz, sometimes he cares about her even more than he cares about his fellow alien-human hybrids or even himself.Max has been in love with Liz since the first time he saw her at school, when he was just eight years old (shortly after emerging from the pod).However, he kept himself distanced from her, primarily because of his concerns about being an alien and her being a human, so Liz did not know about his feelings and did not suspect that her laboratory partner had been secretly in love with her.This secret ends only in the pilot episode when she gets shot at the Crashdown Café and he saves her life, risking everything for her and starting the lead plot of the show Liz does love Max from the first time she gets the chance to see his soul and to really know him.This happens when Max does give her the chance to connect with him through a reversed connection created by his alien powers in order to make them even since the same happened when he healed her and he got flashes from her about her life and her inner feelings.

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For this powerful connection between them and their deep and natural affinity and compatibility, they are considered soulmates by both the characters of the story and the creators of the series.

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