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The problem is that date nights tend to get expensive.When you’re in the middle of saving for a down payment, a baby, or paying off your student loans, you might not think you have the money for a date night, but these 20 romantic and cheap date ideas focus on reconnecting with your partner so you can keep that spark—and your savings—alive.Do either of you have pictures from when you were much younger?Get them out of storage or borrow them from a relative and have fun going through them.Introduce some playfulness into your life by getting your partner in on the fun.Buy an adult coloring book and pick an illustration to color.This is a tried-and-true romantic date idea that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.Make food at home and bring some snacks and beverages.

When is the last time you painted, drew, or colored something?

If you and your partner love nature, going for a hike together can be a relaxing—or challenging, depending on the trail you take—experience.

Hikes that include waterfalls or scenic overlooks can be the most romantic, but like walking, just getting out together can be enough.

If you live close to a major city or some nice attractions, you easily can take a day trip for the cost of gas if you bring your own food.

Scout out some areas nearby or run a search on Google to see what fun things are around.

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