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People with an undetectable viral load — I’ll explain what that means in the next question — are unable to transmit the virus.In the medical community, this practice is called “Treatment As Prevention,” or Tas P.When you are undetectable, the virus is unable to trigger antibody tests, which are the tests used to tell if someone has HIV.(Your HIV is unable to be detected by the test — hence, it is “undetectable.”)This is the healthiest you can be without being HIV negative.Many gynecologists feel comfortable discussing sexual wellness and health, but lack the training to help guide patients through the intimacy and romance that goes with sexual health. Pam received training in medical sex therapy so she can discuss both the physical and emotional side of sexual wellness. Pam gathers information from you to better understand your needs and concerns.Part of this information may include your health and sexual history.If someone’s not accepting of my HIV status, it’s a dealbreaker. This weeds out poz-phobic (or simply poz-ignorant) people faster.If they want some information about HIV, I’ll gladly send some links. I don’t want to take the time to get invested in someone only to be rejected later.

Life isn’t always easy, but I can say confidently that HIV has not stopped me from meeting and dating and fucking sexy people.Forget about classifieds ads, enjoy either w4m or m4w dating on Do ULike and seek your local singles easily.Just in few clicks get an access to thousands of personals over Savannah and find the one who can keep you company.The people who pass this test and embrace my status have ended up being better fuck buds, better hookups, and better relationships than any I had before. You are “undetectable” when the medication you are taking has reduced the amount of HIV in your body to less than 20 copies of the virus per one milliliter of blood.Compare that number to people who have been recently diagnosed and are not yet taking medication — their tests can show millions of copies of HIV in one millimeter of blood.

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