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That point should be long before you loan them money, send them airplane tickets, agree to pick-up and forward a package for them, or meet them in person. However, be sure to pose the question like this: “My favorite teacher in high school was Mr.

FYI: The term "Ruthie Levine" comes from a girlfriend of mine who created a Ruthie Levine profile on J-Date to catch my former boss cheating on her (and his wife).More importantly, just because the person sends you flowers etc., does not mean that they are real or their sentiments and intentions are genuine.11) Create a “Ruthie Levine” (aka dummy profile), of a person that is exactly the opposite of you in all regards except for financial resources.I've seen research that says older women are less lonely than older men. There is a particular unpleasant PT writer who will delete any and all comments that she perceives as negative or contrary to whatever she posts.Actually I was referring to the UCLA loneliness scale study.... I tried to make the correction, but the PT site is having some technical difficulties, and it won't post my edits. I am so honored that someone would take the time to comment, especially to point something out that needs to be clarified or corrected. On the plus side, this same writer been particular careful with her research lately and has quit making obvious mistakes and misguided comments.

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