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After filming, the boyfriend was waiting for Zhang Tian Ai. Afterward, they entered the same car in direction to Zhang Tian Ai’s house.The paparazzi followed them until their car entered into the basement parking.Funny how people asked me to update them last month about Jerry’s new girl, rising TW-actress Seanna Chang but I couldn’t due to my busy schedule.Now that I’m not busy anymore, it seems there’s already a new love interest to report about *gasps*. I have no idea because this is what various Taiwanese/Chinese entertainment news sources have reported regarding Ruby and Jerry: It was 9pm when Jerry met up with his female celebrity friends in a restaurant for dinner.If she did end up with a man, I always imagined that it would be her long-time friend Alec Su (aka Nicky Wu's fellow Little Tiger) but Wallace Huo is actually not a far cry given that he is also from Taiwan. Fresh off the highs of Journey of Flower, he is definitely at the heights of his popularity.

She followed the success with other hit series including The Duke of Mount Deer (2000), Romance in the Rain (2001), Boy & Girl (2003), Affair of Half a Lifetime (2004), Beauty's Rival in Palace (2010), The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011) and The Way We Were (2014).

I remember reading before that her last relationship didn’t go too well so it is is nice to see her restarting new.

With her new found popularity and her past experiences when it comes to love, she is on the right path to find her own happiness.

They’re January babies too with Jerry turning 39 this New Year’s Day and Ruby turning 40 on January 27.

I love making parallels so I made one with these two rumored lovebirds who both carried their good friend Vivian Hsu’s baby Dalton just this December.

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