Reading and updating xml c

And also you can load xml document into Xml Document and XPath to update xml files here is an example: "); //Create a new node and add it to the document.

//The text node is the content of the price element. Create Element("marker"); Xml Attribute attr1 = doc.

My favorite tool for this kind of thing is Html Agility Pack.

I use it to parse complex HTML documents into LINQ-queryable collections.

The XML is basically parsed into an Xml Node which is the root element and then you can access the child elements using the Child Nodes property.

Basically if the task is transformation then XSLT, if the task is manipulation then LINQ.

Use your existing one Xml Node List Song List = Songs Node. Inner Text = "Hello"; // Begin the painstaking process of creation/appending new Song. // Finally add the new song to the Songs Node Songs Node.

My application is dealing with several xml files (CRUD). I have a question : should I create a "handle" of the file at the beginning of the application and use it globally, right now I'm using a static member : Is this a good approach?

I could do with a bit of advice to put me on the right track.

The document is a HTML document, so as you can imagine, it's quite complicated.

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Here is sample code: article shows how to edit xml-files using a Grid View control.

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