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"I think one of the nice things about sites that cater more to Christians, is there are certain assumptions going in about shared values that don't exist other places."But those spaces are the ones that haven't been open to queer Christians until now.

As a result, it can still be a huge hurdle to find a relationship in the face of discrimination and exclusion, according to Rev.

So you’ve been on the lookout for your next partner/fuckbud/roommate-in-quotation-marks/sexy-third-wheel and you’ve accepted the fact that it’s just not gonna happen IRL.

Plus, even if the date sucks, you know the food won’t! As a Bully, you can reach out to your old closet crush with a request to make up that includes a profuse handwritten apology, which must be painstakingly scanned into the app.

"You're talking about a minority within a minority."Even when LGBTQ Christians are open to dating outside the limited dating pool of other queer believers, there's the looming prospect of rejection on the basis of faith.

Two of the key parts of queer Christian identity — faith and sexuality — are frequently framed as being in opposition to each other, for reasons that aren't entirely unfounded: Spark Network's exclusion of same-sex users is merely one example of churches' longstanding discrimination against LGBTQ people.

As Lee put it, a gay-friendly app with a hookup-heavy reputation, like Grindr, isn't likely to appeal to, say, a gay Christian guy.

"It can be difficult when the assumption is this is where all gay men meet, and yet it's all kind of built around one-night stands," Lee said.

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