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Steve might be an extremist in his separation of therapy and life.

He says that when he gets home from work he’s so sick of it he can’t even watch television shows about therapy.

If their son ever needs therapy, he said, they won’t dare try to analyze him themselves: they’ll send him to a therapist.

“We can’t not know the things we’ve learned about human behavior,” he said.

In fact, he said, she would probably say the opposite.

He then lamented therapists who “have a fake calmness or neutrality about them all the time.”Other difficulties faced by therapist couples include both having to work evening hours to accommodate clients’ schedules and not feeling particularly motivated to listen to one’s spouse talk about his or her emotional travails after having listened to other people talk about their problems all day.

“Dear, you’re using sex to express your aggressions towards the confines of polite society,” says Lilith. “I love that.” Passionate embrace, laugh track, etc.“But we rarely talk about it.”Other therapists might insist their marriages are like those of less self-aware civilians, but signs to the contrary creep in.“I think sometimes people who are not in the field have this fantasy that we must diagnose each other but really our day-to-day life and our family looks so normal you wouldn’t know that we’re therapists,” said Wendy E.“There is an occupational hazard of spending the whole day listening attentively and not really wanting to listen to your husband when you get home,” said Dr. All the therapists we interviewed said that couples therapy was the unexpected source of much introspection about their own marriages.Pointing out to other couples the ways in which their marriages have broken down can occasionally lead to physician-heal-thyself moments.

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“When I hear people start arguing in a really unproductive way, I always feel like I’m learning or relearning ‘Oh, you really don’t want to say that to your wife.’ Or, ‘What a reminder that I should be more kind, and don’t be sarcastic!

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