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This has a lot of misunderstanding between Talen and Cassie.

Paranormal romance stories tend to feature a lot of romance, suspense and action, as well as sometimes include mystery, humor and/or horror in the plotline.If only she’d been his mate, everything would be smoother. His dragon couldn’t find a mate and he’s at the end of his time.He’s losing control of his dragon and his emotions. He’s fighting the attraction for a sassy, curvy human, but it’s near impossible to stay away from her.Common hallmarks are romantic relationships between humans, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies, demons, witches, sorcerers, ghosts, and other entities of a supernatural or otherworldly nature.Beyond the more prevalent themes involving vampires, shapeshifters, or time travel, paranormal romances can also include books featuring characters with psychic abilities, like telekinesis or telepathy.

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