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Bryan Scott Anderson, for example, suggested that the rise of online dating “may be an illustration of heightened isolation and a diminished sense of belonging within communities.”It is true, as Rosenfeld’s data show, that online dating has freed young adults from the limitations and biases of their hometowns.But to be free of those old crutches can be both exhilarating and exhausting.As the influence of friends and family has melted away, the burden of finding a partner has been swallowed whole by the individual—at the very moment that expectations of our partners are skyrocketing.Once upon a time, wealthy families considered matrimonies akin to mergers; they were coldhearted business opportunities to expand a family’s financial power.But the most common responses to my post were not hearty cheers.They were lamentations about the spiritual bankruptcy of modern love.The rapid adoption of online dating among the LGBTQ community speaks to a deeper truth about the internet: It’s most powerful (for better and for worse) as a tool for helping minorities of all stripes—political, social, cultural, sexual—find one another.

In sociology-speak, our relationships were “mediated.” In human-speak, your wingman was your dad.For gay couples, the figure soared to nearly 70 percent.In a new paper awaiting publication, Rosenfeld finds that the online-dating phenomenon shows no signs of abating.Now that’s work we have to do ourselves, getting by with a little help from our robots.Last week, I tweeted the main graph from Rosenfeld’s latest, a decision we both mildly regret, because it inundated my mentions and ruined his inbox.

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