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It was stolen by an unknown party in 1795 and has yet to be recovered.

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One piece of the French crown jewels, the Scepter of Dagobert, has been missing for 223 years.

Though prior to a scheduled visit from Queen Elizabeth II in 1975, the cross was discovered to have been stolen and replaced with a fake. Crafted by House of Cartier, the necklace had 2,930 diamonds in it, including one 234.65 carat diamond and numerous rubies from Burma.

Ten people have been arrested or jailed for their role in the robbery, but the jewels have never been found.

While visitors can visit the Tomb of Tu Duc in Hue, Vietnam, the actual burial location of the Nguyen leader has never been discovered.

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The Irish Crown Jewels, stolen from Dublin Castle over a century ago, are still out there for treasure-seekers to find today.

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