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She then began to provide this information to legislators in hope of getting the approval to build asylums.As a result, the North Carolina State Medical Society began in 1848 and the Dorothea Dix Hospital opened in Raleigh in 1856.In today’s world, nursing is a very popular field of study and a career as a nurse is becoming more and more demanding.

She is credited for opening the first mental asylum within the U. However, Dix fought for years before her ideas were even considered by the government.It wasn’t until the 19 century that nursing was truly valued, when many remarkable individuals, mostly women, took the stage to find ways to help the wounded and the sick.Below is a list of ten nurses who have truly changed the field of nursing.Eventually she would return back home to Boston with a plethora of new ideas. She pointed out the very harsh treatment of these people, who were often locked up and beaten, as their conditions were not understood properly.Dix travelled up and down the coast from Massachusetts to Louisiana and back, collecting information regarding the treatment of those deemed to be insane.

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During this time she came up with a solid definition of her vocation, describing nursing as “assisting individuals to gain independence in relation to the performance of activities contributing to health or its recovery.” ( Henderson was able to successfully make the distinction between medicine and the job of a nurse, stating that a nurse is to assist anyone, no matter the condition of their health, in order to help that person gain strength, knowledge, and will.

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