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In a similar way, 45 percent say they plan on passing their pickup down to a child or loved one.

Further, nearly 60 percent say they consider their pickup a part of the family, while another 60 percent say they “cannot live” without theirs. Most of the owners I know have owned one for 10 plus years,” Mylan explained.

He returned later to his family’s cattle operation broken and exhausted; a significant humbling when the ground finally dropped out from under his empty pursuits.

They are alluring in so many ways, far beyond the towing and payload specs.Overall, Chevy’s survey finds 89 percent use their truck to help others, be it moving a stalled car or hauling a new couch.Truck owners know this more commonly as Now 18 years ago, my Father went home to The Lord.Sometimes, it’s the young working class who reflect why trucks are the greatest aspirational vehicles in the United States.Many don’t have their dream truck yet, but when they tell you about it, their eyes light up and their voice and tone changes.

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