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I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at answering that question.I’ve done the research; I’ve looked up all the scientific terms; I’ve been through my fair share of stilted, unsolicited confessions.For that matter, how do you include disability in your profile without making it into a thing?I eventually settled on #Disabled And Cute, because I am both those things in equal measure, but it still doesn’t feel like enough. How important it is to show up, to let yourself be seen.I spent 23 years on tiptoe, waiting for someone to “look past” the wheelchair, .Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.If the person apologizes, I say it’s fine, I’m used to it, that’s life.

My foray into dating has a lot to do with romantic love, but it also is an exercise in self-love: I reactivated my Ok Cupid account because I could no longer deny the part of me that craves connection. My disability does not, and In truth, this column has been a way for me to navigate life with a disability.Having Cerebral Palsy that affects my speech and movement has become a mental obstacle for me as the years go by.However looking back at it now this was not always the case.I tend to overshare, especially when I’m anxious, so when it comes to dating, it takes everything in me not to just … And my little dating experiment has really forced me to come to terms with how averse I am to vulnerability — at least when it comes to dating.I’ve written several columns on love, my pursuit of love, and the voice in my head that tells me I don’t deserve love, but it’s something different altogether to actually fan fiction — because words are how I manifest love. Talking to people on Ok Cupid and fielding questions about my disability are hard.

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I have been very fortunate to have had the relationships that I have had, however its been a double edged sword as I have not been without my share of heartbreak.

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