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In 2012, the era of obscenely detailed masks was in full force, and you could say still is.Hiller himself had plenty of beauties himself, usually not on the beaten path of other masks of the time, but this one was a simplistic departure, to say the least.When I think about professional sports and which player and/or position seems to be the most intimidating, I always conclude that hands down, ice hockey goalies are the most intimidating players.

Ben Bishop earns points for originality, even if his mask was clearly inspired by the infamous ‘Tron’ movie from a few years back.For some, it’s the ultimate form of sport expression, the one remaining form of artistic freedom that a professional athlete can partake in.Through my childhood, I found myself obsessed with hockey.I still have that notebook, and although it’s a bit of a Zapruder Film into my neuroses, I think back on it fondly.So what I’d like to do for you, is share with you my favorite NHL masks.

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