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*winks* "Matsumoto is still very close to his costars from 'Hana Yori Dango', especially Oguri Shun. Whenever their schedules match, the two, plus Ikuta, would often go drinking together.

Sometimes Inoue would also join them." said an anonymous source. The two are said to be dating since May 2010, Josei Seven had reported that during weekend of mid April Jun Matsumoto and Wagaya No Rekishi co-star Shibasaki Kou was said to have met secretly at VIP room that costs about 70000 yen in a Tokyo dinning bar, which is a popular place among celebrities.

After that, talk of [Matsumoto’s] relationship with Inoue fell through.

(An evening paper reporter)There were also rumors of love blossoming between Matsumoto Jun and Nakama Yukie who starred in the drama “Gokusen.”“Nakama treated Matsumoto to meals in her home but it wasn’t a romantic relationship.

Later on though, the AV actress went to to have alleged relationships with the other Arashi memebers, excluding Sakurai Sho."The Nakama Yukie thing is consistent with one of his interviews on Oshareism -- he said that he was in an unrequited love for two whole years.

But still in 2008, Gossips are exchanged, saying that Jun is even engaged to her!

According to entertainment journalist, Imozawa Sadao, her ex boyfriend Matsu Jun is currently giving her a helping hand, one of his staff said he said "Its part of my fault that she had to quit her previous agency" They have broken up but they still have a strong bond.

So far nothing has been revealed so Matsumoto is still and will always be officially a Male Man.

She was hoping to get married, but both of their agencies kept stalling, so she decided to quit Seventh Avenue.

(note: this is what written in article, i dunno this history and how quitting Seventh Avenue has anything to do with her relationship with Matsu Jun) Since then, Inoue is blacklisted by certain parties in the industry, since Seventh Avenue is a big agency. One of the example is how she didn't make any guest appearance in Hana Hare.

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When AV actress Aya commited suicide in October 2010, reports began piling out from the tabloids about Aya's confession with sleeping with Arashi (excluded Sho) and other JE boys, including photos she took with them years ago.

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