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They were fearful he might have pushed himself almost to a heart attack.Heath was running with such joy that it physically exhausted the guards.SMITH [On] his audition tape, he wore a white suit with a black button-down shirt.He was really dressed up, very John Travolta “Saturday Night Fever.” It was a look that was rumpled and rock, but way more dressed up than anyone else was, which was badass because he could pull that off.From a plot standpoint, there does not seem to be too much overlap with are coming up.One fan on Reddit pointed out a number of similarities that the show and movie share.

But things could have turned out differently because several actors you know could have ended up as the leads.And although Otis definitely is not as nefarious as Cameron when it comes to setting people up, there are definitely echoes of Cameron paying Patrick to date Kat when Jackson offers to pay Otis to help him win over Maeve.Otis actually refuses to help, but winds up accidentally helping anyway, which is similar to Cameron accidentally helping the popular jock Joey Donner into winning over Bianca.I recently spoke with the stars (including Gabrielle Union and David Krumholtz), the director Gil Junger and others about casting near-misses, face-drawing and their memories of Ledger, who died of an accidental prescription-drug overdose in 2008. KIRSTEN SMITH There was such a big teen movie explosion at the time.We were young writers who had never sold a script before, and it was very unusual you would get your first script made, let alone greenlit six months after it was optioned. JULIA STILES I remember thinking [the screenplay] was so cool and I just loved the heart of Kat so much. I had been reading “The Taming of the Shrew” in school, and it was the first time I had read a romantic comedy [script] that captured teenage angst in such a clever way.

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