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INFJs do only one thing at a time, and they’re punctual and deadline-oriented.With their preference for judging (J), they like to see decisions made and situations brought to closure.When an INFJ and ISTP decide to make their relationship permanent and live together, they usually find that it takes effort and patience to preserve the bond that they enjoyed initially.To avoid unnecessary friction, the two must respect each other’s ways of thinking and feeling.The ISTP should try to understand the INFJs need for emotional support.For this to happen, usually the INFJ must explain his or her needs to the ISTP and make suggestions for meeting them.It’s a good idea to spread dependency needs around.

Finally, perceiving (P) ISTPs avoid final decisions and are more comfortable when things are left open-ended. They can undertake two or three projects at a time.

Before long, the two are likely to find themselves planning a trip to the nearest state park for a weekend.

Because both types are shy about expressing their feelings toward each other in words, they look for other ways to show their affection, such as finding gifts that will please the partner.

An ISTP who loves camping may persuade an INFJ of the fun of sleeping in a tent.

If the INFJ shows some enthusiasm, the ISTP may acquaint the person details about types of tents, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment.

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They don’t often speak words of love to each other, because they believe that the things they do together convey the message.

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