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3167-3178 | Article Number: ijese.2016.243 Published Online: July 27, 2016 Article Views: 828 | Article Download: 819 This article dwells upon the basic unit of cognitive linguistics, which is a concept.

Firstly, we provide an overview of major scientific works written by foreign linguists who pay attention to special aspects and lines of research.

And then, the scale was evaluated by the specialists in terms of relevance to Turkish content, measurement- evaluation. , Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, The Graduate School of Social Sciences Middle East Technical University, Ankara. , Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Middle East Technical University, Ankara. C., Paraskeva-Hadjichambi, D., Ioannou, H., Georgiou, Y., & Manoli, C.

The translation of this scale to Turkish was done by the researchers and language specialists. A Factor analytic study of the loneliness and social dissatisfaction scale in a sample of african-american and hispanic-american children. The role of family in creating awareness of sustainable development and environment. Integrating sustainable consumption into environmental education: A case study on environmental representations, decision making and intention to act. Washington, DC: North American Association for Environmental Education.

Finally, stepwise regression results showed that social environment affects one’s environmental intent related to bioenergy use.

Environment and Natural Resources Management Series 46, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome. Environmental knowledge and sensitivity among eight –grade students: a study of the state and private primary schools’ sample in Ankara. Exploring undergraduate students’ mental models of the environment: Are they related to environmental affect and behavior? The aim of this study is to conduct a research under circumstances of Turkey about the validity and reliability of the Affective Tendencies towards Environmental Scale prepared by Yavetz, Goldman and Pe’er (2009). The effects of an environmental education program on responsible environmental behaviour and associated environmental literacy variable in Taiwanese college students.

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