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Corrective action, dismissal or other remedial action as deemed appropriate can be imposed on faculty, staff, students, administrators or external/non campus members for violation of campus policies, including, but not limited to: University Staff Policies and Procedures, Faculty Policies and Procedures, Academic Staff Policy and Procedures, and University Staff Employee Work Rules in compliance with the requirements of the University Staff Corrective Action Policy.If either pursuing a resolution under the informal process or filing a written complaint does not lead to a resolution, a University Staff member may file a grievance within thirty (30) working days from the time the University Staff member knew or could reasonably be expected to have known that the procedures failed to lead to a resolution of the complaint.In this case, the University Staff employee may file a workplace grievance pursuant to applicable policies and procedures.About eight months into my employment with the Medical Staff Office, we were hit with another HUGE challenge.When using the informal process to resolve the conflict, the University Staff member should be prepared to identify precisely the pattern or acts of conduct believed to constitute the violation.This should be a record (of what was said, in what context and who witnessed the event, etc.) that the University Staff member has compiled during the time of the intimidating behavior.I will never forget how round my coworker’s eyes became when our Director relayed the information to us.

This is to encourage frank discussions to achieve a resolution.A University Staff member who believes he or she has been subjected to unacceptable hostile and/or intimidating behavior may wish to discuss the matter with the faculty, staff, administrator, student or external/non-campus person directly involved through the intervention of an intermediary at the department, school/college, division, or campus level such as the Office of Human Resources, Ombuds’ Office, Employee Assistance Office or personal representative.University Staff may also use the informal resolution process outlined in Section B.1 of University Staff Grievances Policy.I struggled with communicating with the doctors and their credentialing staff.I approached them like I had in my other positions – a weak email request with a “if you wouldn’t mind” tone rather than firm statements with hard deadlines.

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