Intel me 8 1 updating

I know it's safer to just go ahead and update the firmware, but I am running only Linux, and my laptop manufacturer's IME firmware update is an exe file for Windows.

There is a procedure available to boot Windows from USB, but I don't want to go through the hassle if it's not really necessary.

THINKPAD: P51S TYPE: 20HB-20HCI'm being notified that there is a critical update for the Intel Management Engine 11.8 Firmware within my personal AND corporate laptops, version

First I saw there was a task Fw and after “killing” it (waiting long time before doing this) lets TI to proceed, but now (another attempt) I see TI stuck, but no such a exe showing in tasks.

Anyway, when I ruled out this update TI finished ok.

Chceš vědět, co bude dělat starší CPU s novým BIOSem?

Vyzkoušej to a uvidíš, pak nám tu můžeš poreferovat.

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