How to avoid dating a jerk

He always "forgets his wallet" and sticks your friends with the dinner tab.

She screeches at the shampoo boy for using the ylang ylang essence instead of lavender, and it's obvious only to them that there's not another competent driver within a 50-mile radius. Conventional wisdom suggests you look at the way someone treats people they perceive as "don't matter" people -- a waitress, the ice cream store guy, the woman who cleans his apartment.

Van Epp says, "Good hearted people have the greatest risk for staying in a relationship with a jerk because good-hearted people so quickly forgive, overlook problems, minimize shortcomings and give second chances."Of course, some of these traits are necessary to keep a relationship on track.

But if you find that you're on the giving end of forgiveness more often that the receiving end, you might be setting yourself up for jerk after jerk after jerk.

On the other side are the overreacting types who are the life of the party, known for their enthusiastic and entertaining personalities, addicted to captivating and fast-paced romances that mask their deeper problems under a shroud of attentiveness and passion.

With time and exposure, their dark side emerges."You might be.

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We scream in traffic, we lose it when the carpet cleaners ruin our drapes by tying them in a knot with their grimy hands, we freak out when our partner says something that strikes a nerve.

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Don’t you think this is just exposing yourself too much?

Imagine a scenario where the source of your happiness wakes up one day and say, ‘I love you no more.’ Most of us have received that message and I don’t have to explain to you how it feels.

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