Girls hook up with ph or email but no creditcard needed

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Said she was looking for my daughter- I said she had the wrong number and hung up- I called the number back and there was a recording claiming that they were calling to renew a magazine subscription, which we did not subscribe to Yeah, like all of you, I've been getting - calls an hour Starting at around am and the last one was at around :pm- Which is against the law in itself- Maybe one of us should re-signup with them, and give them the number to a police department- I'm sure the police would track the number after the th call or so,just a thought-I answered it once after about calls, and the man that answered said he was calling about the Google bizkit and I informed him I wasn't interested, and he just hung up,weird Received calls today from phone # , and stating the same thing that my SS # is at the courthouse to be arrested- Broken english speaking man and have no idea what this is about and cannot get them to stop calling my work and my cell- Anybody have any suggestions Beware of this company (South Florida Best Landscaping) and it's owner Everette He is a major scam artist He stole money from me and lied through his teeth about it- Do not do business with him He is a major This airport transportation service called me back to confirm the changes in the arrival schedules of my guest- They are very efficient and professional in their services- Here is their information- Stamford Airport Transportation Riverbend Dr # , Stamford, CT Phone () - www-stamfordairporttransportation-com Phone call or text message?

All the answering machine had on it was that the caller keep saying "hello"- They are mental and need to be stopped in their tracks- I also believe that they followed us to our home- Now, that is Stalking It is punishable by jail time or even prison- Stalking is extremely dangerous and when someone does not take the time to acknowledge the fact, they are very sick mental people- Wake up America there is danger every where- However, nothing new- There is no such thing as "safe and secure"- Do the math and your homework- All the telemarketers want to do is get all the info they can on you and then spread it out to the world- We are way over do for turning them over to the police and government Auto call with a female voice stating my correct name, stating in order to receive the important persona message, press , which I did and it stated that I was being transferred to an agent- When someone came on the line they asked my name, I asked who this was and company name, they again they asked my name- I then stated I will state my name when you state you name and company name, I waited, she asked for my name again- I stated I am disconnecting for cause, wait sec, no statement from agent- I stated do not call me again at the number called, and make note of it, and disconnected- These people know who they called and at what number, and want to verify, but without providing an ID of caller, company or purpose- It could be sales or collections or incorrect collections, regardless they must ID themselves, at which time I will request a callback number and contact name- People on this site reporting; if you want the call or calls to stop you must deal with the caller, and I did, and provided zero information, only requesting information- These call are recorded, and after my request was refused, the statement to not call again must be respected, and will be if it was a legal call, but one must find out first, providing no information- Deal with them and stop them, just disconnecting or letting it roll to VM does nothing but generate another call I keep getting calls from this number at least once sometimes twice a day- Nobody ever says anything and sometimes hangs up before I do- I am on both the national and local do not call lists but this doesn't seem to be preventing the unwanted calls- I hope this will help They just called me saying, "I am calling regarding your frontier account" Then she asked me to find a bill, and I said I didn't have time- Then she asked for our federal ID number- "I wasn't going to do that either" I agree that it is a re seller- I will call frontier and see if there really is a better rate myself- I feel safer and I don't like how they want contracts- If someone know a path to get a bundled deal with the contract that would be great- Can't wait for charter to get in our area- Not that their perfect, just a lot better I received a call from this company wanting to talk to my husband- All information was from me on my computer,my email,and my cell phone- We looked online for a loan that we needed for only weeks- Filled out some of the loan apps to see what we would qualify for- Real Joke they said I could get - lol- But now Im getting calls from this company with the phone number , claiming I owe money but I have NOT recieved or asked to receive any loan- So far I have had withdraws of - taken out of my account- The bank has listed it as fraud and paid back the one and working on the other- I cannot get a answer from the company that is calling me as to who the loan was suppose to be from- I cant understand them and asked to speak to a supervisor which they wouldnt do- They did say something about a company Bahanaf Any one else have this problem Called, did not leave message- just hung up- Called it back- Got a message saying it was Vonage, and what number did I want to transfer to it?

Pffft- telemarketing crap- Please REMOVE me from any mailing lists you have Received call from Christie saying that if I or my attorney did not call this number an unfortunate situation would unfold on me- I called the number and it went directly to a generic message and I just hung up- Sounds like the same scammer on number Recieved a call from this number stating they were "working" for PSE&G and was giving me a "discount" due to the storm- I didn't buy it because he couldn't tell me my account information- I called PSE&G and they stated that's a bogus company trying to get you to sign up for their energy service- You will get a low bill the first month or two and the rest of the bills will be extremely high (higher than your normal PSE&G bills)- ITS A SCAMMy husband just got off the phone with a guy from this number as well- These people have all his info- they are Fake payday loan scammers- The guy tried to say he had a payday loan through some company called Bahama Marketing Group- I know for a fact we've not taken a loan from these people So they told my husband that they will take us to court and my husband was like "so lets take it to court, cause i know % we don't have anything to do with this company" then he hung up- I'm going to turn these people in when i find out location of where its calling from Telemarketing call from Doctor Credit USA in response to a customer inquiry when a personal phone number is provided- Option to be put on their Do Not Call list by pressing - This company attempts to improve your credit score Received a phone message from "Mr- David" at this number saying it from mega millions and to call back - it's important- The voice was low and gravelly, and the message didn't sound credible- I did not return the call Do not respond to their calls- I called back to find out what it was about- They told me I was on one of their partner sites and I would receive a gift card- They then told me it cost - and asked for a credit card- This is a scam to get you to give out your credit card number- When I asked for the name of the company the person hung up Got a phone call from , while at work, It is a Daily News represenative looking to sell you a subscription to their paper- I dont know if they are third party or direct but I just told them I was not interested This company is calling and is harassing myself and my family, calling my sister at her new job and my elderly mother- They are demanding money, checking account numbers, and saying they will file a claim against me- From what I read online, this company is being investigated for fraudulent actions against people I got a new phone number months- Despite the fact that I'm listed on the "do not call" registery, an unknown caller (,) dials my phone number several times a day- The caller disconnects before leaving a voice message- IT IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING- I also get the same type of calls from phone numbers with () area codes, such as , There ought to be laws against this type of harassment Just keeps calling from different numbers and if they answer it is like they are sitting in the middle of a football game- Heavy mid-eastern accent and questions have no meaning- They won't stop even if you tell them they have the wrong person This number was used to try to scam me into cashing a fraud check- They pose as a interview manager for a potential employer (in my case, Yelp-com) and contact you via text message and or instant messenger- They give out little details and ask you for your personal info, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OPTION TO USE DIRECT DEPOSIT- DO NOT SUPPLY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR BANK INFO TO ANY EMPLOYER UNTIL YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT A JOB- DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HOME ADDRESS- They will send you a fraud check whether or not you accept the position they offer you- Return it to sender if possible, or report the check in any way you can and inform law authorities of this scam This is a scam that has been around for several years- There are never any fees to pay for a government grant and you always have to apply for them- There is no such government grants program like they describe- See the warnings about scams like this on the FTC website:www-consumer-ftc-gov articles -government-grant-scams They called and I DNA- They called my spoof number, which means that they poached the number from something that I filled in on the web- I went ahead and called them back- I'll give them credit as far as they did pick up when I called- Turns out they were marketing a pain relief cream that was "tailored", to my circumstances- He said that if they had called, that I must have indicated some place on the web about pain- I may have IDR- He Did put forth a pretty hard sell- I advised him that I already had a unique preparation that I got from my Dr- He kept up the push wanting to know insurance details that I was using- All I said was the name of the company- He wanted me to get their cream on top of the kind I already had- I don't blame him- He has a hard job, I don't think he lied in anything he said- He was, of course, disappointed that he didn't get a sale, but he was 'all about', being polite, and making a sale I get calls from this number and the following for IAG, a collection company- I don't owe anything so I am convinced it is a scam to get personal info- If they really are a collection agency they are breaking the law- They call me at least or times a day from different phone numbers throughout the country- These are some of the numbers they use: This is a Pakistan or India based IRS scam- Do not fall for this- The IRS does not initiate any legal action via phone- Read www-treasury-gov tigta press press_tigta,htm There are a few things you can do:) Report it to TIGTA under www-treasury-gov tigta contact_report_scam-shtml) Help kill their phone lines- The scammers use voice over IP lines (e-g- magicjack (Ymax corporation)) to make it seem as if they are calling from the US- This is always against these companys' terms of use and can lead to termination of their contract- However, only law enforcement can initiate the contact if you yourself are not a customer- Therefore, report it also to your local law enforcement agency- ) Ultimately this is a case for the FBI legal attache in Islamabad or New Delhi- So if you are really annoyed: call or write to your representative in Congress- As these scams happen all over the country maybe this will trigger a reaction and provide US law enforcement agencies the political backing and the resources they need to work in India and Pakistan with local authorities- Such a task force has already been set up in Jamaica to nab scammers there (see www-ice-gov doclib news library reports cornerstone cornerstone,pdf)- It can happen on the subcontinent as well if you only take a little time to write and voice your anger- You can use the following template for your letter or email: Senators Use the district office address of your senator as displayed on www-senate-gov Your letter should be addressed as follows: The Honorable (full name)United States Senate Mailing Address of District Office City, State, Zip Code Representatives (House)Use the district office address of your district representative as displayed on www-house-gov Your letter should be addressed as follows: The Honorable (full name)United States House of Representatives Mailing Address of District Office City, State, Zip Code Dear Senator Representative XXXAs your constituent, I am writing to urge you to demand decisive action from the FBI, the IRS and other federal agencies against organized crime directed against American citizens from abroad-As widely reported by local and national media all across the United States and warned about by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (see www-treasury-gov tigta press press_tigta,htm) a tidal wave of fraud using Internet phones has hit the United States- Millions of dollars already have been stolen by criminals impersonating federal officers while hiding in countries like India and Pakistan, where most of the calls originate- There seems to be no end of it in sight-I have personally been targeted by these scammers but it is the most vulnerable among us that I am concerned about primarily- The scheme is specifically singling out those that can least defend themselves against these crimes, in particular the elderly- I am also worried that given the origin of these gangsters, the money stolen from US citizens may be used for financing of terrorism or other activities directed against the national interests of the United States- But in spite of this clear and present danger to our country and its citizens I have seen no action worth mentioning by the FBI, the IRS or other federal agencies so far-As a member of Congress overseeing the law enforcement agencies tasked with fighting fraud and ensuring national security, I implore you to make sure that they act on these threats and are given all the necessary resources to target these criminals in cooperation with foreign law enforcement-Yours sincerelydon't know who this is- but why would a chandler, AZ address try reaching a number around boston, MA?

t Have to Pay to Playwww-ftc-gov bcp edu pubs consumer telemarketing tel-shtmwww-consumer-ftc-gov scam-alertswww-consumer-ftc-gov articles -telemarketing-scamswww-consumer-ftc-gov articles -jam , ng-us-consumers Consider getting a call blocking device or phone- You can google them and many are around - or so-If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some- You can google this- If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control- Iphones appear to have apps also- Another one is called Mr- Number I got several calls from this number and they had my social security number , and they threatened me with court proceedings for a debt I haven't had in over years and settled the debt - This is obviuously some kind of scam so please BEWAREReceived call from a private number, a man on the other line said he was going to serve me papers on the th or I could call , to get more information on the reasons i would be getting served and gave me a claim number- I called the number, a Miss Price answered and verified the last digits of my social- She told me I had months to pay an old loan or they were serving me on the th and I could only pay with a debit card over the phone Called twice and I regret answering the second time- They claimed my chimney hasn't been cleaned and was a fire hazard- I told them it had been cleaned and the guy yelled at me, saying it gets filed in the town hall when your chimney is cleaned and mine hasn't been- The guy was very harassing and angry- Hung up & blocked him- Awful This is some idiot telemarketing Scam caller who spends there days annoying people- If it were a legitimate business they would not have an unknown name or number Do everyone a favor get a real job and stop harassing everyone with your idiotic behavior- You and all annoying telemarketing calls should be obliterated- ALL ARE PARASITES AND SHOULD BE EXTERMINATEDThis number was on my bill, researched to find out who it was, line rang and rang- No Answering machine- -Oct : AM -Oct : PM -Nov : AM Could not tell if was incoming or not, my bill had mixed info listed on it- Must be a tele-marketer SOME BODY WAS CALLING ME FROM THE FOLLOWING NUMBER , , THE IS LLOKINH FOR A MAN THAT DONT LIVE IN THE HOUSE TO COLLECT MONEY I DONT KNOW HOW TO TELL THIS PERSON THAT IS NOBODY IN THE HOUSE WITH THE NAME THEY ARE LOOKING FOR- IS SOME BODY KNOW THE ADD OF THE COLLECTOR COMPANY FROM THAT NUMBER PLEASE E-MAIL TO ME AT email because it was dead air when I answered, I waited for someone, as soon as they came on I asked for my number to be taken off their list, he replied "Do I have the wrong number?

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The mobile phone tracker has traced 8327272 operator and location.Exotic Chat Line is the chat line that is wilder then all the other chat lines. If you are looking for interracial, foreign, or exotic chats with singles looking to connect live, all you have to do is register to get your free chat line number with singles talk to you tonight. Exotic Chat Line is a place where internationals living in the U. Exotic Chat Line the international wild line to meet singles from everywhere living in the states free of charge. You can meet single local girls for chat live this second. We have free phone chat line numbers of exotic Americans from all around the U. We have singles from everywhere in the world living in the U. I have to find out who hired her to collect for them so I can tag the original creditor with her violations- They fire her and my client gets the benefit First call was a robot saying a name and said press if you are this person-I pressed ,then it said hold for a representative, so i hung up-They called again today and i hung up and called back shortly after and a New Jersey accent guy answered Hello- and goes is this (Name) I said no and he said he would remove my number from his computer dialer- Okay a debt collector has to identify who they are, and you should know via Mail if you have a debt out for collection if they are legitimate don't even tell them you are the right person- It will just give them an excuse to scam you Someone called (Lloyd anderson, he said) asking for one of our reps by name, claiming he had left her an email-However, there was no email and the company he called from, "marketwatchers-com", does not exist-He claimed to be calling about "Apple"-Very strange, especially since he appeared to have personal information about our rep-Red flag-He is probably working towards some kind of identity theft and seeking further information If even one thing you wrote were true you wouldn't even be looking up the number on here- Only shill scammers make these kinds of posts- Go back to the boiler room, you're not fooling anybody around here Further info re Children's Leukemia Research Association: here is the website for the Canadian version: www-clrac-org -There are other more direct info sites for Leukemia research, eg: The Leukemia and Lymphoma association of Canada:www-leukemia-lymphoma-org Whoever these "people" are, they need to check out this site and see what they are doing to us- I get these calls at least five times a day if not more and when I did answer, it was some recording- SO, now I just push the off button on my phonethey called my daughter and said she was a co signer on my account and I wrote fraudulent checks and she was going to be served a summons and wanted her to verify her address she hung up on them then they called her husband and gave a phony name and when my daughter called the number back they never heard of the man who called her husband she spoke to a woman who said I recently wrote bad checks I called my bank I am the only authorized person on the account and I have not written a check in over months which cleared with no problem I got the same message - from , asking me to call , I called Wells Fargo directly - this is a scam- IF they were to ask about a card, they would use the last four digits- is unique to Wells Fargo (as well as other first four digits - each bank has their own set) not to mention that this would be an inappropriate way to notify you that there is a problem with your acct I was wondering who this number might be registered to- The person says his phone is roamed to the middle east- I suspect the person is using a fake name- I want to find out if I am being conned-thankyouwww-irs-gov uac Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alertsnotes-com forum ta-cfbfbfa irs-warns-of-telephone-scam Report the Calls to the real IRS here:?report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at ,?

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I've tried calling back, and testing to Stop calls but it does not go through and message comes right back to me- Isn't this against the communication systems- I think Mike Huckabee needs to be notified of this harrassment- NOWSame INdian guy, saying I owe money to Cash NET Advance America, etf, from various locations across the US, Called them up, and I have no financial Grudge with them- He is a SCAMMER- I filed a police report, but since nothign was stolen it wasnt ID theft, but it was Telephone Harassment and Scam- The police Officer called, him pretended he was me, and at the end told the indian guy the truth, it was funny, the indian dude had a rhaspy voice like he was scared- damn Idiot still calls Said they were calling if I didn't call back by : their processors were going to serve me -they are worsome asked to stop calling and send me information in mail refused to do that but want me to send them money I received the same type of call, from "Bank of America"- The computer automated voice requested my SS# and my Credit Card # to "Reactivate" my account- They claimed it had been shut down for Security purposes- I don't bank at Bank of America, so I spent about minutes putting fake numbers into their automated system- They eventually cut me off-When I called them back, it was Liquidity Solutions, Inc-, and they seemed rather frustrated that this was happening to their phone number Received an email with this number to call to send informaion- COPIED EMAIL: Please send me your cell & home # as I purchased an I phone and lost all contacts- Thanks for thinking of me with the e-mails and look forward to burgers next week- The email address: email WHAT A SCAM DO NOT BE TRICKED REVERSEGENIE-COM CAME UP WITH THIS INFORMATION: Name: ANGELA MORRIS Address: E GLENWOOD LANSING RD GLENWOOD, IL Phone Number:() - Name: NANCY FLODIN Address: LAVERGNE AV MIDLOTHIAN, IL Phone Number:() I have received several calls from this number in the last past hour- When I called the number back from work, no one picks up- It automatically gives you an extention number and tells you to leave a message- These calls are annoying, is there something I can do Got a call from a "Mr- Gordon" from an unknown number on my cell phone, wife's cell phone, and parent's home phone- Left a message saying that they have an order for me and were trying to "deliver papers"- Caller left this number (,) and asked to meet somewhere, or he would deliver them to my home or job-I called the number and the clown that answered the phone claimed to know nothing of the earlier call, and tried to ask me for my address- I let him know that I had reported the number to the State Attorneys Office and any future communication will need to occur through my attorney-People will do anything these days to try and get your money, identity, or whatever- Please do not fall prey to these "crooks"- They are easy to spot-they do not use legal business practices, and they babble when you call them on it- Guys, get a real job I also got a text message from this number, supposedly from Verizon Wireless, saying that one of my lines had gone more than over its voice allowance- I did not call the number, but I did google it and saw the other postsyes- i got one from , just hours after i changed my phone from a samsung to the is- went to apple store then went to verizon to have them change the number on my old samsung- interesting it came just hours after i got the is This number showed up on my caller ID- No organization name or city though- Usually I don't pick up unidentified calls, but I was expecting a call and I thought it might be from their cell phone, which is why the name didn't show up- A very deep voice said he was calling from the "FOP", which is the" Fraternal Order of Police-" He asked if I "would support the police" and wanted to know how much I would donate to the FOP if they "sent me a kit through the mail-" I told him that I do support the police, but I am a senior living on a fixed income, which is true- He seemed agitated and raised his stern voice and repeated "how much are you going to donate?

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