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To them, we should keep our relationship to ourselves and in our bedrooms.

Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, old lady sitting at the table while glaring at us and whispering to your fossil of a husband, but I will not refuse to go out to eat with the person I love because you can’t deal with seeing us share a plate of baked ziti.

While our generation has made some great and important strides in equality for the LGBT community, I still get questions like “What is it like to be in a gay relationship? While this isn’t necessarily an ignorant question, I’m surprised more people don’t realize that my same-sex relationship isn’t very different from any opposite-sex relationship.

That being said, with same-sex relationships being so visible now and displaying something that looks different from the norm, I can understand why I get asked such questions.

” and, my personal favorite, “So do you still f**k guys?

” Pro: Your Relationship Doesn’t Come with Gender Roles One of the most important issues straight couples currently face is dealing with gender roles.

No matter what the situation with your immediate family is, though, chances are there will always be at least one extended family member that makes talking about your relationship extremely awkward.

We may be living in a more accepting and progressive time, but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to be okay with seeing a gay or lesbian couple in public.” they’re trying to apply traditional gender roles into a relationship that doesn’t have them.If you’re someone who asks these kinds of questions to gay couples, I kindly ask you to stop doing so.While I’m trying to be lighthearted about judgement received in public, I have to acknowledge that it does pose real threats.That old lady and her husband sitting at the next table over might be harmless, but unfortunately, there are other people who are not.

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