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If you want a man to think of you as more than just a potential sex buddy, you need to connect with his emotions. Now you may be thinking, Here are four ways you can flirt with a guy: When I first got into the dating industry, I did so as a client.

Most women instantly assume it must be because they’re too ugly, too short, too fat, too dark, too tall, too thin – the list of inadequacies is almost endless.

If he doesn’t think you’re interested, most men won’t pursue you.

He doesn’t want to get stuck in the friend’s zone, which is one of the biggest frustrations for men.

These simple gestures can initiate some of the most successful relationships, if they’re interpreted correctly.

Other indicators men look for in a woman who might be flirting with them include stroking or playing with her hair and subtly licking her lips.

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Have you ever noticed that some women seem to be able to attract any man they set their sights on almost effortlessly?

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