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These assist people to swap money, shares, property and nearly anything of value when certain conditions are met.

That eliminates the need for an expensive third party like a notary. What are the applications of this programming language?

As Python is a very simple and easy-to-understand language, it may be easier to learn in the future. A good understanding of it will be very useful when learning other smart contract languages in the future. Solidity is the code behind Ethereum – one of the largest blockchain platforms in the world (the other being Bitcoin).

Both do have similarities – like being blockchain platforms with built-in tokens.

While in a language like C, a programmer would be likely to create some form of a function, like ‘int main’ and ‘main’, Solidity works with a ‘contract’ that is created in an analogous manner.

The Solidity programming language looks surprisingly similar to C , C#, or Java Script.

It required a computing language with far more flexibility than Bitcoin’s (largely written in C ); so the team wrote the language Solidity. The programming language gives developers the skill to create their own decentralised apps (d Apps).

The origins of Solidity Computer scientist Gavin Wood originally came up with the concept of the Solidity language. His idea was taken forward by Christian Reitwiessner, who led a team of people to actually develop it. If you feel confident in dedicating a few years of your life to learning Solidity, give it a try.For crowdfunding, smart contracts can work out far better than non-trusted federal systems.These smart contracts can be developed using Solidity.On the other hand, Ethereum was created as a way for people to move anything of value, efficiently, not just cryptocurrency.The token, Ether, was created as a way to pay for those dealings on the platform.

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In the real world, the voting process is vulnerable to many forms of fraud such as the manipulation of data, booth capturing, fake voters, the manipulation of voting machines, etc.

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