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The project is coordinated over the Internet by a team of volunteers guided by the Debian Project Leader and three foundational documents: the Debian Social Contract, the Debian Constitution, and the Debian Free Software Guidelines.

New distributions are updated continually, and the next candidate is released after a time-based freeze.

The Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG) define the distinctive meaning of the word "free" as in "free and open-source software".The Mozilla Corporation stated that software with unapproved modifications could not be distributed under the Firefox trademark.Two reasons that Debian modifies the Firefox software are to change the non-free artwork and to provide security patches.Since its founding, Debian has been developed openly and distributed freely according to the principles of the GNU Project.Because of this, the Free Software Foundation sponsored the project from November 1994 to November 1995.

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For example, the i386 port has flavors for IA-32 PCs supporting Physical Address Extension and real-time computing, for older PCs, and for x86-64 PCs.

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