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'It would have looked like I had a crush on Tamaki-sempai to anyone, but every one of those times it was because he reminded me of something Kyoya said or did.' She thinks as Kyoya gets up."Judging by your silence it seems as though my assumption was correct." She hears him say"No Kyoya, I think of Tamaki as nothing more than an annoying older brother." She tries telling him standing up."I don't believe that Haruhi.I think it would be best for both of us if we just act as though this relationship between us never happened at all." He smiles sadly picking up his laptop and heading for the door. She had never seen Kyoya look so defeated or act so noble as to put his friendship with Tamaki before her, yet she knew if she let him walk through those doors then he would stay true to his word and act like nothing ever happened between them at all.Taking her silence as a yes they add "Don't worry I'm sure Kyoya-Sempai has already taken some off for what you did today for Tono."Where are those two anyways?" She asks Hunny, as Hikaru's phone went off."Tama-Chan's father wanted to talk to him and Kyo-Chan's disappeared." He replies'Bet I know where Kyoya ran off to, though I wonder why Tamaki-Sempai's father wanted to talk to him so quickly after what happened.' She thinks"Takashi and I actually just came over to say good-bye our parents called and want us to come home right away, but we will see you all Monday in the club room kay." Hunny smiles."Damn, we have to go too Kaoru that was mom." Hikaru groans"Do you want a ride home Haruhi?Closing the doors behind her she walks slowly over to him."Haruhi please have a seat." He asks pointing to a couch in front of him.Nodding she sits down waiting for him to speak first. " she asks already not knowing where this conversation was heading.Tamaki was about to reply when a familiar child-like voice interrupted."Haru-Chan, Haru-Chan look they're starting the fireworks." Hunny says excitedly on Mori's shoulders, as the rest of the host club joined them to watch the dazzling display of colors just above the school's clock tower marking an end to an unforgettable school festival, at least for the host club."Is this your first time seeing fireworks Haru-Chan?

Oh no I used to watch them with my father when I was younger, but I was always so afraid of them because they reminded me of thunder when they go off." She replies, her thoughts still on what Kyoya wanted to talk about."Aww Haruhi let daddy protect you." Tamaki tells her, pulling her into a bear hug."I'm not scared of them anymore Sempai…a really good friend helped me get over my fear." She says freeing herself from his grasp, as she remembers the date she had with Kyoya months ago.Remembering the time Kyoya took her out for fancy tuna she suddenly loses her appetite and throws the rest away."Seriously what's wrong with you tonight you're not even hungry?" Kaoru asks."I guess I'm just not hungry tonight." She sighs, her mind annoyingly going back to the look in Kyoya's eyes as he pushed her away."You're a horrible liar Haruhi you know that." Hikaru tells her."So what's really the matter? ' she wonders sighing inwardly and quickly coming up with a lie she hopes they'll fall for.' she wonders remembering all the times they went out together even if it was with the host club.How his smile would be the first one she wanted to see, or how watching him laugh at her mistakes made her happy.

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