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Although the Kazakh government is working to change the script of the Kazakh language from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet and to somewhat defer the usage of this language, Russian is still the predominant language spoken by most Kazakhs.

With that in mind, Russian skills are going to take you a long way in both Almaty, Astana and other Kazakh cities.

For someone who has never left the Western world, who then sets foot in Moscow during the spring and summer months will simply be blown away by the sheer amount of talent (and mini-skirts paired with high-heels) that will be on display all throughout this former powerhouse of the Soviet Union.

The women can appear quite cold at first glance, but once you’ve broken into their warm hearts, you’re in for the ride of your life.

Azeri women are friendly, and overall have a decent command of the English language when compared to other locations in the former Soviet Union.Coming to Moscow with a strong command of the Russian language and an understanding of Russian culture are going to put you leagues ahead of your competition.The best way to get a jump start on both of these items would be to secure a Russian girlfriend who can help you quickly make progress on both.Islam has a strong presence in Azerbaijan, and most Azeri women dress and act very conservative while in public – nonetheless, you can expect them to act way different once you have them behind closed doors.With similar appearances and features to what you’d find in Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries, expect olive-toned skin with long, dark hair draped over their shoulders.

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Azeri culture is seemingly a mix of Middle Eastern, Turkish and Slavic influence all wrapped into one.

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