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Also, I’m a single mother, and it may surprise you to know that single parents don’t have as many opportunities to be out in the dating world what with early mornings and early evenings and all the parenting responsibilities that come with it.That’s how I found myself downloading a dating app.I didn’t enjoy Match with the hundreds of message sent to me by people I never even expressed the slightest interest in and/or whose profiles were in direct opposition to the things I’m very clear about looking for, and I went on more actual, legitimate dates with Tinder.But this time when I went on Tinder, there were more obvious assholes and fuckboys coming up than my previous experience. The thing is that I’ve had so many people tell me that that’s where they met the love of their life.

We’re so authentic that we don’t even try to hide our flaws but tell them straight out.I don’t want to be added to the second string while you work your way down the line.I’m not the kind of woman to be benched and sit and wait patiently while you do your thing.It’s not another meaningless conversation that might lead to a date that might lead to sex that might lead to being ghosted when the interest fades.I’m not looking to be someone’s one night stand or even the person who gets a text when you’re bored and don’t have anyone else dangling on the line. I decided that online dating can’t be for me, not even on the days when my loneliness is an itch I can’t even scratch.

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  1. They met on the dating app Tinder and, after a couple months, decided to meet in person and start a relationship. I guess the most important thing you learned was that he was married. My issue with him is the behaviour that he's displaying by using this fake identity. What's it been like for you to be out there telling everyone how you were duped?