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It was not senility, but it was a useful cover for his despair of living, the deep unhappiness which he kept concealed.

He had held the world very much at arm’s length, and had paid a heavy price for doing so.

The essence of the agreement was that it removed American military personnel from Indochina and stopped the B-52 bombing raids. ‘I don’t know where it is,’ I said, and we all set out to search the house for my corpse.Looking at what the world had to offer, I thought either Africa or Indochina would be the place to go.I, and many others like me, supported these movements against the ambitions of American foreign policy. We did not support their political character, which we perceived as Stalinist in the case of the Vietnamese, and in the case of the Cambodians . There was also an argument that Stalinism was not a simple equivalent of Fascism, that it contained what was called a partial negation of capitalism.Further, under certain conditions it might even lay down the foundations of a socialist organisation of society.

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From the start he had willed himself into old age, and it was not surprising that he had not lived longer.

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