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People are shocked when I say I went there and did not drink. ” Drunk Heather would’ve leaned in, but Real Heather was already well beyond her experience level. “I admire someone willing to change their life.” And then he kissed me, the real me, the one I like the best.Reliving that moment makes me feel like a rock star (and not just because I kissed one).Sober and single at 34, I realized that I hadn’t even had a boozeless first kiss with someone since my high-school boyfriend planted a peck on my forehead after we’d talked past midnight on the front step of my family’s bungalow. Ever after, I’d relied on alcohol, that WD40 of social interaction, to grease me into each stage of romance.From meeting men all the way to the first (often slurred) “I love you,” I’d long mixed liquor with love.I’d go for a drink that turned into seven (or 12), and then find myself in a two-year relationship with someone I didn’t know that well. But this step—meeting in person—is often softened with a nice red, white, or rosé. Most women I’ve talked to say there’s no way they would, or even could, handle a first date without a drink. Tempted to bolt, I stayed put until my date arrived and then plowed my way through an excruciating two hours of small talk.I yanked myself off Match and e Harmony the second I got home. Shortly after, I read an article which stated that the least appealing online daters were 1) women in my age group, and 2) non-drinkers. To avoid the madness of Bourbon, a pal and I headed to the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street, far from the French Quarter, for a performance by piano man Jon Cleary. Near our table, a man dined alone, and smiled at me whenever I looked his way. Intelligent, gorgeous and kind, this man was himself a successful musician, and seriously, seriously interesting.

I could rip down both our emotional walls, sip by sip. Once it came time to start dating again, how was I going to do it sober? After messaging with a few guys, I met one at a coffee shop for cake. I know that people do this now-normal thing (meet someone online) all the time.

I called my Dream Boyfriend, someone who doesn’t exist in real life.“I just had a drink,” I said when he answered. “You know that.”I woke up disoriented and shaken from this nightmare, as if a bad guy had chased me down a dark alley. The reasons I quit drinking are myriad, and typical. See, a year after I quit drinking, the relationship I was in fell apart.

I started to cry into the phone as I tried to orient myself on the streets of a town I’ve never been to, eventually wandering into a romantic piazza tiled in bold oranges and blues.“What’s the big deal? But a chaser of relief quickly followed: I hadn’t had a drink after two years and nine months of sobriety. ) I wasn’t dating some deep-voiced guy who refused to acknowledge that even one drink would not be OK for me. I could tell you that story, but it would be like every other you’ve heard. This is typical, too, and if you want to see an accurate version of how it all unravels, then watch the movie Smashed.

The testimonials on his website sound incredibly forced and in my opinion fake.

He seems to think being an egotistical over confident ass with a half unbuttoned shirt attracts women.

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Plenty of Fish found that female non-drinkers receive 24 percent fewer messages than social drinkers. He touched my hand, and that contact zipped through me like a shot of something strong. I don’t anymore and this sort of thing is very hard for me.

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