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If you are in this situation, not only is it a good idea to talk it over with your new partner, but is also a good idea to discuss it with your family law attorney to determine what the potential impact could be.While it might be difficult, it could be in your best interest to hold of on dating until your divorce is final.

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Under a no-fault system, though, adultery is not a consideration for the court when it decides to grant a divorce.

The court has some discretion on awarding spousal support, but the purpose of it is not to punish a spouse for his or her wrongdoing.

How to you ensure sexual compatibility without having sex prior to marriage?

What if she can't handle penetration, or just has low low sex drive?! Firstly, you may want to pop over to r/legaladvice or better yet speak to your lawyer to see what you can do about the fact your wife is stalling.

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