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But Polding's priests were mainly Irish, and this was not their conception of what the Church should be like.Their efforts, and the efforts of the Irish bishops who were appointed to other newly established dioceses, soon combined with Australia's singular geographical and social environment to subvert Polding's vision.The sisters not only set up schools in the cities but also established little parish schools all over Australia, providing a Catholic education for the children of the bush.Their efforts, with almost no money and in the face of considerable hardship, were nothing short of heroic.Like the man who prepared the way for his arrival and who became his first Vicar-General, William Ullathorne, and like his successor, Roger Vaughan, Polding was an English Benedictine monk.Polding's dream was to establish a Church founded on monastic ideals, in which scholarship and sublime liturgy , accompanied by Gregorian chant, would civilise and convert the new country, just as they had in earlier centuries in Europe.

Irish priests continued to come to Australia throughout the twentieth century, a few arriving even in recent years.

The largest of the male teaching orders, the Christian Brothers, had 115 brothers teaching in thirty schools by 1900.

Under the influence of the religious orders, Catholic schools not only survived but flourished; the sisters and brothers were to be the mainstay of the schools for a hundred years.

From this time until the end of the 1860s, Catholic schools received some government assistance under a variety of schemes, but campaigns for 'free, secular and compulsory' education had begun in the 1850s and it became increasingly clear that Catholic schools would not be able to rely on government aid for much longer.

Between 18, every State passed an Education Act removing state aid to Church schools.

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One-tenth of all convicts transported to Australia were Catholic, and half of these were born in Ireland, while a good proportion of the others were English-born but of Irish extraction. By the year 1803, a total of 2086 Irish convicts, nearly all of whom were Catholic, had been transported to Botany Bay.

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