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The differences over this question were — and still are — one of the primary causes of the schism between the two churches.

Celibacy: In the Catholic Church, celibacy — the vow of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations — is obligatory for priests.

In its first thousand years, the Eastern Orthodox Church coexisted with the Rome-based Catholic Church, although relations between the two were always fraught by both theological and political differences.

These differences ultimately led to the East-West Schism, also known as the Great Schism, in 1054 A.

This status has often been challenged by the Patriarchate of Moscow, which has many more believers than the Constantinople one.

The great schism was partly over ‘papal supremacy’, which is the notion that the Roman Bishop has some sort of authority over all other bishops because of the double apostolic honour of Rome (which indeed was never accepted by the Eastern bishops).

Papal infallibility is the dogma that the Roman Pope can proclaim on matters of doctrine without error – this concept developed during the Counter-Reformation, but was not formalised until 1870 – so papal infallibility was nothing to do with splits with the East, but papal supremacy was.

The move comes after it granted independence to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from Moscow.

() Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople may grant Ukraine its own church, and Moscow Patriarch Kirill is not happy about it.

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